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If you are looking to reinforce your building project with strong and sturdy reinforced concrete structures, we have the in-house knowledge and expertise to assist you. Our extensive knowledge and skills when it comes to working with rebar and mesh steelworks have made us one of the leading construction firms in the region for reinforced concrete works. Assistance with RC structures has several advantages, but using a reputable and experienced company to do the job is crucial.

At ESS Gravitec we provide expert RC structure services to the Southeast region and have done so for many years. We draw upon our in-house experience to help you obtain the best outcomes for your project. We perform all RC structure work with the highest level of expertise, whether it be for commercial, industrial, or residential projects.

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Why Use ESS Gravitec For RC Structures

Reinforced concrete has several advantages over other types of materials used in construction projects. It offers a high compressive strength compared to other materials, can withstand a high amount of tensile stress, is fire and water-resistant, is cost-effective and requires less maintenance. While there are alternatives, reinforced concrete provides the finest support material to maintain structural integrity.

Why Choose ESS Gravitec For Your Reinforced Concrete Services?

Our company, ESS Gravitec, is based in Dartford and has completed steel-reinforced concrete projects throughout the southeast of England, as well as difficult-to-reach places near London’s centre. Because we are part of the ESS Group, we can draw on our own knowledge, skills, and expertise, so you only have one point of contact. From site surveys to project delivery, we offer a complete solutions-based service to fully meet your project requirements.

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