What’s Involved With Our Structural Alteration Services?

If you need structural alterations to an existing building, we at ESS Gravitec have the experience and knowledge to meet the demands of the modern construction industry. Our team can perform structural alterations ranging from small residential extension projects to large commercial developments. In addition, our designers use the latest SDS/2 software to determine the best materials and structural changes needed to produce durable and reliable structures at the lowest cost.

ESS Gravitec has been providing structural alteration services throughout the Southeast for many years. As part of the ESS Group, we are able to provide you with the best results for your project by utilising our in-house expertise. We will handle any structural alteration job with the highest degree of proficiency, whether it’s residential, commercial, or industrial.

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Why Use ESS Gravitec For Structural Changes?

It is common for buildings to require alterations to their existing structure at some point in their lives. Sometimes more usable space is needed, more floors need to be added, or additions that improve the functionality, safety and appearance of the building are required. In each case, it is vital to have a reliable service on hand that can provide the design, supply of materials and the installation of any structural changes required.

Places We Cover

ESS Gravitec is a Dartford-based firm and has completed structural alteration projects across southeast England and in difficult-to-reach spaces near London’s centre.

As a member of the ESS Group, we can draw upon our own knowledge, talents, and expertise, so you have just one point of contact. Our high-quality project management ensures your alteration project will go smoothly every time, whether we are dealing with a large construction team or a smaller team of designers and builders.

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