What Are ESS Gravitec’s Basement Construction Services?

With limited space to extend outwards in many parts of the Southeast and planning restrictions in some parts of London that mean extending the footprint of a property is not allowed, there is a solution – dig down.

Increasingly popular, digging a basement will mean being able to enjoy more space in both offices and residences. At ESS Gravitec, we are specialists in this sort of excavation work which usually involves careful site management, especially in busy areas. We can dig out your basement and provide retaining structures that prevent soil from collapsing and water from ingressing.

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About Our Basement Construction Work Services

Whether you are demolishing a building and starting again with a basement beneath or simply want extra space beneath your current structure, our expertise with groundworks can be brought to bear. We have the machinery, the know-how and the manpower to excavate all of the earth beneath you safely and efficiently. Bear in mind that in many built-up areas, you have to be careful of coming into contact with infrastructure that’s already underground, something that you can expect us to handle for you at every turn.

What Can You Expect of ESS Gravitec’s Basement Construction Work?

We’ll provide you with a single point of contact at ESS Gravitec. This way, your project will be streamlined and managed professionally for you. We also only use our own in-house expertise so whether you need reinforced concrete structures or additional underpinning, we’ll have the manpower to cope.

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