High-Quality Construction Contractor Services From ESS Gravitec

At ESS Gravitec, we provide an array of professional construction services to safely and competent construct your Project. We have an undoubted enthusiasm for all of the services we offer and this is balanced perfectly by the responsible way all of our teams operate with regard to safety and environmental responsibility. No project is too large or too small for us to consider whether you are looking for Structural Alterations, Demolitions, Restrictive Access Piling, Underpinning, Excavation or Temporary works. Take a look at some of our past projects to give you a better idea of what we do.

Brick and Blockwork

At ESS Gravitec, we provide a wide range of professionally conducted blockwork services.

Many construction firms require the expertise of an experienced steel company, like ESS Gravitec, to help them with blockwork that will be built to meet the size and shape of a steel superstructure.

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Basement Construction Works

With limited space to extend outwards in many parts of Central London that means there is only one solution – dig down.

Our teams of tradesmen are skilled in all works associated with this difficult job.

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Demolition and Enabling Works

At ESS Gravitec, we offer numerous groundwork services that help with the construction of buildings. We can also help to bring them down in as environmentally responsible way as possible.

Our expertise means that we can help with the demolition of both residential buildings and commercial or industrial ones, dealing with any potentially hazardous materials as we proceed.

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Restrictive Access Piling

Because steel piling is a more substantial way of achieving structural stability than the alternatives, ESS Gravitec is your ideal partner for a range of piling services for both small and large buildings.

As we are a part of the wider ESS Group of companies and have extensive expertise with steel to draw upon in-house, we can help you to obtain the results you need.

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RC Structures

At ESS Gravitec, our expertise with rebar and mesh steelworks is second-to-none and can help all construction firms to produce excellent results from their reinforced concrete structures.

Whether you would like help with the design stage of a reinforced concrete retaining wall, pillar or lintel, we will have the in-house know-how to assist you.

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Structural Alterations

At ESS Gravitec, our structural alteration services are geared up to the demands of the modern construction sector.

This means that we can cope with both small residential extension projects as well as much larger commercial developments that are being altered and require new steelworks.

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Temporary Works Design & Installation

Construction firms require the temporary installation of steel for numerous reasons.

Whether it is to hold a facade in place while renovation works are being carried out or to provide props for a structure while it is being extended, our expertise can be brought to bear.

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Underpinning is an essential type of groundwork that is needed when the foundations or footings of a structure cannot stand up to the weight that they are bearing.

Sometimes this comes down to their age and sometimes it can be because of changing soil mechanics.

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Why choose us?

See some reasons below on why you should choose ESS Gravitec and why we stand out against others.

Value for Money

From site surveys to demolition you can expect to pay a fair price for all of our services.

Great Customer Service

We provide a single point of contact for our clients so you can stay in contact with us easily.

No Outsourcing

We keep our steelwork in house, so you can expect the best quality products.

Only the Best Brands

We only work with the best brands that we know supply the best materials.

Extensive Industry Experience

We have extensive experience with industrial facilities across the capital and beyond.

Based in the Southeast region

We cover all of the Southeast region and every borough of London.

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