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Underpinning is an essential type of groundwork that is needed when the foundations or footings of a structure cannot stand up to the weight that they are bearing. Sometimes this comes down to their age and sometimes it can be because of changing soil mechanics.

Then again, it could be that they’ve been damaged by root growth, excavation work nearby or excessive levels of stress from above. At ESS Gravitec, we have the know-how with groundworks and steel to provide you with expert underpinning services whether it is for your own home, a large industrial site or commercial unit.

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What Should You Expect of Our Underpinning Work?

We can help you to stop subsidence or to prepare your building for an extra load due to a renovation project or an extension. Our teams are made up of highly trained and motivated individuals who have a wealth of experience with underpinning foundations. We follow carefully laid out design and operational procedures and ensure that safety is of paramount importance in everything we do.

Delivering High-Quality Underpinning Services Throughout the Region

As a professionally run firm, we make customer service a top priority at ESS Gravitec. If you require underpinning work – or think that you might do – then do not hesitate to contact us. We cover all of the Southeast region and every borough of London to ensure that properties’ values are maintained by successfully underpinning them to the highest industrial standards.

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