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What is Sheet Metal Bending?

Metal bending or folding is the process of giving any metal product a distinctive shape. A machine called a sheet bender takes the metal and folds or bends it until it produces the desired profile required for the final product. The machine must be able to form the metal to the smallest detail in order to achieve the small intricacies and shapes that the client desires. This in turn must be programmed by the technician operating the machine to ensure the metal is folded precisely according to specifications. Once folded and shaped, the metal can then be further treated to ensure its strength and durability.

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How is Sheet Metal Folded?

Metal bender machines are the most common tool used today for folding metal products. They can fold and shape sheet metal in a variety of ways right down to the smallest detail. In all instances, the machine needs to have enough force to manipulate the shape of the metal. While in the past metal shaping was done entirely by hand using heat and a press brake, this is not always reliable and will not produce details as intricate as those produced by a specialised folding machine. The process itself is complex and all technicians and engineers must have the knowledge and experience to be able to work the machine effectively. As such, all of our employees are trained to a full level of competence before working on any sheet folding projects.

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The Benefits of Metal Folding Via Machine

While some may prefer the old manual methods of using a press brake for sheet folding, there are significant benefits with bending machines:

  • Accuracy – When it comes to large or complex bends, manual methods require a lot of intervention by the operator, with frequent tool changes required. Bending machines, however, use compression and tension to ensure the sheet is folded into its most accurate shape, resulting in less time and effort expended.
  • Fast Setup Time – Manual sheet folding methods require tool change outs and constant handling when setting up. With folding machines, many of these features are automated, and the initial time setting up a folding project is greatly reduced.
  • Automated Processes – Although the machine is still programmed and operated by a technician, many processes that would normally be handled by the operator are managed by the machine. This results in a faster and more efficient job overall with increased accuracy and repeatability.
  • Fewer Errors – When it comes to press brake bending, the sheet will often end up with unsightly scratches left behind by the bending die. Machines use a robotic clamping tool to keep the sheet steady, which helps reduce the risk of any cuts or scratches.
  • Labour and Costs Reduced – Press brake bending requires two or more operators during a single project, who need to be working in constant unison to ensure safety and accuracy. Machine bending reduces the need for additional labour, which saves both on time and overall costs.

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We found Euro Standard Solution to be throughly professional. The communication is fantastic. We are really pleased with the plannings, drawings and installation with the finished product they provide. We are strongly satisfied of work being done for us over a long time. We highly recommend ESS to use their products and services.

Jenda Opini Klienta Ris

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When you appoint ESS Railing to design fabricated items like balustrades, railings and balconies for you, there are two main things to expect. Firstly, the design will look good.

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Secondly, the design will stand up to the rigours of the job for which it is intended for.

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We do all of our own design work so we do not rely on any other firm’s expertise. Everything that is designed for you will be by ESS Railing and no one else.