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What Is Brushing?

To create a brushed steel handrail, different abrasive brushes are used to improve the appearance of the steel. These abrasive brushes are filamentary in nature and made from steel wire. They can remove the base material without affecting the dimensions of the railing itself and ensure there is no damage to the final product. When the brushes contact the surface of the steel railing, they generate a low cutting pressure that moves from the edge in a single direction along the surface. This process makes sure the dimensions of the railing do not change, instead creating a smooth, uniform surface along the railing.

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The Benefits of Brushing

  • Brushing improves the durability of the railing, which is vital when it is in an area where it gets lots of use.
  • The brushing process removes any impurities or defects from the surface that can occur during the welding process and other operations.
  • It enhances its resistance to corrosive elements as well as its tolerance to a number of chemical products.
  • Paints can adhere much more readily to brushed stainless steel handrails than they are to their non-brushed counterparts.
  • Finally, brushing enhances the uniform look and overall aesthetic properties of the final steel railing product.

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What is Mirror Polishing?

Mirror polishing employs grinding and polishing processes on the steel railing to achieve a smooth and shiny mirror-like surface. The process involves sanding down the surface to remove any blemishes and then buffing to create a mirror-like look. The rough grinding process wears down any rough or irregular shapes that appear on the steel railing after welding. This is followed by fine grinding, which further removes any marks or impurities to ensure a fully smooth surface overall. Finally, a polishing tool is applied repeatedly to the surface to give it a smooth and glossy mirror-like finish.

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The Benefits of Mirror Polishing

  • Mirror polished stainless steel railings offer a high gloss reflective surface that creates a feeling of cleanliness and luxury.
  • The process removes any roughness from the surface and eliminates any scratches, small cracks, or dirt inclusions.
  • It improves the steel railing’s resistance to wear over continued usage and enhances its overall durability.
  • Mirror polishing improves the physical properties of the railing, including stress distribution along the surface.
  • It improves the bonding force between the steel surface and the coating layer, making it easier to refine the finished product.

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Very professional, knowable, excellent service.
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Kris Gondek

We found Euro Standard Solution to be throughly professional. The communication is fantastic. We are really pleased with the plannings, drawings and installation with the finished product they provide. We are strongly satisfied of work being done for us over a long time. We highly recommend ESS to use their products and services.

Jenda Opini Klienta Ris

What to expect from this service

We provide bespoke steel railing design in London for a variety of residential and business properties. We provide bespoke fabrication, installation, and repair of architectural metal, staircases, and balconies as part of our services. All our railings are designed and manufactured to your requirements using the highest quality stainless steel products. Get in touch with us today if you would like to know more about our services.

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High Quality

When you appoint ESS Railing to design fabricated items like balustrades, railings and balconies for you, there are two main things to expect. Firstly, the design will look good.

Bespoke designs

Secondly, the design will stand up to the rigours of the job for which it is intended for.

Expertly designed

We do all of our own design work so we do not rely on any other firm’s expertise. Everything that is designed for you will be by ESS Railing and no one else.