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How It Works

The finishing process involves applying an element or mixture of elements to an existing structure. This includes not just steel railings but pipes, guttering, steel frames and more. These elements need to be applied by a highly skilled and knowledgeable team to ensure the high quality of the overall construction. The finished layer can be applied either wet or dry, or via other methods that may be available to the team. With a wide variety of finishing techniques available, there is greater flexibility in ensuring the best quality metal finish for a build.

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Types of Finishing

  • Plating – This process coats or alters the surface of the structure with layers of metal such as nickel, zinc or cadmium. This is carried out via chemical baths as well as electric currents to fix the metal layers to the structure.
  • Brushing & Cleaning – This process uses an abrasive belt or brushes to create a smooth surface along the structure with no imperfections. It is often used to create rounded edges as well as remove any slag from the surface.
  • Polishing, Buffing, Honing & Lapping – These methods use abrasive compounds and machining to reduce the roughness of the surface. This can either be done manually or through automatic robotic processes as needed.
  • Grinding – This process uses machines with abrasive wheels to grind down the surface and make it smoother. A surface grinder is a most commonly used machine for this process, although there are other specialised grinders available.
  • Vibratory Finishing – These machines deburr and remove any sharp edges from the structure. They use abrasive pellets and apply a tumbling vibration that creates a uniform texture around the structure.
  • Blasting – This employs blasting methods such as sandblasting to remove any rough surfaces and create a uniformly smooth texture.
  • Heat Treating – This process uses inductive or flame heating to shape the structure and procure certain characteristics.
  • Coating – This process coats the metal surface with paints, powders or anodised chemicals to protect it from corrosion.
  • Hot Blackening – These machines spread a thin layer of black oxide along the surface and use a heating process to affix it to the structure to create a matte finish with high abrasion resistance.

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Benefits of Finishing

  • The finishing process allows you to improve the appearance of your final design, which can create a striking and decorative look for your structure.
  • It creates an additional protective layer that shields your steel railing from corrosion, the weather, and other elemental damage.
  • Finishing is a low-cost yet high-value solution that adds value to your structure and helps exceed customer expectations.

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ESS Railing creates unique steel railing designs in London for a wide range of residential and commercial locations. As part of our services, we offer custom manufacturing, assembly, and repair of structural metal, stairs, and balconies. All railings are designed and manufactured to your specifications using the best-grade stainless steel components. If you want to learn more about our metal finishing services, please contact us today.

Very professional, knowable, excellent service.
Highly recommended.

Kris Gondek

We found Euro Standard Solution to be throughly professional. The communication is fantastic. We are really pleased with the plannings, drawings and installation with the finished product they provide. We are strongly satisfied of work being done for us over a long time. We highly recommend ESS to use their products and services.

Jenda Opini Klienta Ris

What to expect from this service

See some reasons below on why you should choose ESS Railing.

High Quality

When you appoint ESS Railing to design fabricated items like balustrades, railings and balconies for you, there are two main things to expect. Firstly, the design will look good.

Bespoke designs

Secondly, the design will stand up to the rigours of the job for which it is intended for.

Expertly designed

We do all of our own design work so we do not rely on any other firm’s expertise. Everything that is designed for you will be by ESS Railing and no one else.